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in el paso, texas, and work in mexico, and worked in the united states, both countries, and i'm telling you, it's -- you don't know what the border is until you lived on the border. you don't know what -- how patriotic people are in the border towns. now, we go to the free trade agreement, mexico is our neighbor. the united states is mexico's neighbor. i don't want my neighbor to be poor and raunchy and have a mobile home and trash all around and kids with sickness and -- i don't want that. the free trade agreement, you're only looking at the balance of trade went to mexico. it used to be -- we were sucking dollars out of mexico. now we are putting dollars in. but we are doing it through commerce, not -- get my point? >> host: joe, what kind of work do you do in el paso? >> caller: i'm an economist and a miner, a mine are consultant, and i've worked in both places of the united states and i'm a mexican-american. >> host: is it fair to say you're a supporter in general of nafta? >> caller: i'm a supporter of -- no i'm not a supporter of nafta in general. i'm a supporter of free trade. >>
burn versus the united states? can it be interpreted so widely that we could eventually get to the point where we can mandate will we are doing? we're doing right now. the new rules from the united states department of agriculture to the schools on terms of what they will feed in the school lunch program, we are having an uprising across the country because of their rejection of what the government is saying. here is what you have to eat. here is what is available. the point is, our founders knew that for true liberty and freedom to be their there had to be personal responsibility. and when the government goes beyond the level of which a prudent exercise of government. i'm not against government, but i recognize there is limitations in terms of what the government can do. the limitation is based on what we can do well. as you look at what we're doing and the oversight that we have over last year's shows where we are not doing well. so the idea was, to raise that question and the consciousness of the readers of the book, what did our founders say about the commerce and genera
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)